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Dear Friends and Supporters 

I remain honored to serve as your Mayor and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the people and this great city. When I was first elected, Glendale was facing bankruptcy as a result of huge budget deficits and bad deals. Together, we fixed our problems and turned Glendale around.


Today, our budget is balanced. Our economy is strong. We're attracting exciting new developments like Redbull and Whiteclaw, and we are one of the best cities to live and work in.


We know that the work is never done and we can always get better, so I remain focused on economic growth, safer neighborhoods, and continuing to improve Glendale. As always, I want to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch with me and send me your thoughts.


Thank you for your prayers, support and trust. I ask for your vote so we can keep working together to make Glendale the very best it can be!


-Jerry Weiers


"Balanced budgets, more jobs, and an improved city economy are great starts. Protecting our city services and libraries, and keeping Police and Fire a priority helps to make our neighborhoods great as well. 

Let's keep Glendale on the comeback trail!"

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